In many ways, creating Lime & Leaf has been a test of our values. We’ve had, time and time again, to take a step back from all of the details and the chaos and remind ourselves of what’s truly important to us going forward—using the highest quality materials, for example, and keeping our supply chain within the U.S. It was during one of these moments of re-centering that we realized we needed an outlet to fulfill another ambition of ours: giving back to the community that made all of our other goals possible. 

Prior to creating Lime & Leaf, we didn’t have a lot of knowledge about textile production. We knew what we, as consumers, looked for when shopping and we knew what we, as business owners, valued for our own product line. That was the extent of it.

We had a lot to learn.

Fortunately, we had some of the best teachers. The textile workers we partnered with from around the country were patient, professional, and passionate about their craft. They opened their factory doors to us, answered our many dozens of questions, and fostered in us a deep awe and respect for the work that they do every day.

The textile workers who became a part of the Lime & Leaf team invested their skills and their knowledge in making our product as amazing as it is. Though we can never truly thank them, we’re doing our best to show our appreciation by investing what we can in the industry they’ve dedicated their lives to.

For every Lime & Leaf product sold, a percentage will be donated to the NC State University College of Textiles. This incredible institution is the global leader in textile innovation, and the only remaining college in the U.S. devoted entirely to textiles. Its goal is to educate the leaders and support the research that will allow the U.S. textile industry to evolve and grow. With a near perfect record of career placement, an environment that fosters creativity, and a focus on connecting the history of American textiles to the future of the industry, the College of Textiles has been recognized as the #1 textiles institution in the world.

Starting a new business means appreciating hard work in a way that you never did before, and experiencing a new kind of gratitude for all those who are willing to work hard on your behalf. By giving back to the NC State College of Textiles, we’re hoping to say thanks, and to support the future generations who will make this incredible American industry its best yet.

More information on the NC State University College of Textiles is available here.