When we were building Lime & Leaf, we had a lot of decisions to make about sourcing materials and producing product and customer service practices. We had no one to answer to but ourselves, and so our test became whether or not we would be proud to share our decisions with our customers. In essence, you guided us to make Lime & Leaf what it is, and we’re proud to share it with you.

If you have a question that isn’t answered in our FAQs, please feel free to email us at customerservice@limeandleaf.com or reach out to us directly at 1-888-721-3265.  We think the more you know about Lime & Leaf, the more you’ll love our products. 


What is Supima Cotton, and why are Lime & Leaf sheets made from it?

Supima cotton is a luxury product often referred to as the "cashmere of cottons". Because it is made from extra long staple cotton, Supima cotton fibers can be spun into finer count yarns that are woven into our durable (45% stronger than regular cotton), soft and beautiful sheets.  The Supima cotton trademark found on Lime & Leaf sheets is your guarantee that the product is made from 100% American Pima cotton. Our cotton is grown in California and spun in Georgia.  Our Supima cotton sheets have a quality and feel that you'll love, and are an American-made product that you can be proud to own.

Fun Fact: In the early 1900's Pima cotton was given its name to honor the Pima Indians, who were growing cotton for the USDA in Arizona.

Why a 250 thread count?

Because we use extra long staple Supima Cotton we are able to manufacture long-lasting, soft and lightweight sheets using a 250 thread count.  When sheets are made with inferior cotton, more fibers must be spun together to get the strength of extra long stable cotton.  As a result, products with higher thread counts are often heavier in weight and apt to pill.  Our 250, honest thread count results in sheets that we love, and we think you will as well!

What type of weave are Lime & Leaf sheets?

We chose a percale weave as it is a balanced weave with a crisper, cooler feel. By combining the percale weave with a Supima cotton fiber, we've created luxury sheets that will make it that much harder to get out of bed.

How deep is the fitted sheet pocket?

Our sheets have a 15-inch pocket that fits easily over most mattresses (we tried it on many!) without the annoying sagging that can occur at corners.

What is special about a garment dyed sheet?

Garment dyed bed linen is first cut and sewn into the product (sheet, duvet, pillowcase, etc.) and then dyed. This modern dyeing process results in a beautiful, soft, almost vintage washed look.  Both garment washing and dyeing require the product to run through a wash cycle so the sheets have a soft, inviting feel to them from day one.  Garment dyeing is done in small batches so there can be slight variations in color.  The difference is minimal, but means that each product is truly one of a kind. Lime & Leaf is proud to be one of very few home textile companies offering garment dyed sheets. We love the soft color tone and cozy fee and are very excited to bring these sheets to you.

Are the sheets wrinkle free?

Lime & Leaf sheets are made from the finest Supima Cotton and do not contain synthetic fibers to reduce wrinkles. While this results in a higher quality sheet, it does mean that wrinkles will occur naturally.  We suggest removing the sheets from the dryer promptly and giving them a good shake before folding (a very scientific method we developed). You can iron the product if you would like, but life is short and we imagine there are things you'd rather be doing. We all deserve to be loved, wrinkles and all--your sheets are no different.

How do I care for my Lime & Leaf products?

Good news!  The care instructions are basically the same for all of your Lime & Leaf products.  We suggest you machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle. Separate colors.  Do not use bleach. Wash bed linens before use. Tumble dry low and remove promptly or dry flat.  Use warm iron as needed.



Where can I check my order status?

Once you place your order you will receive a confirmation email.  When the order ships you will be sent a tracking number that you can use to check on your purchase whereabouts.  If something doesn’t seem right or you still have questions please email us at customerservice@limeandleaf.com.

I just placed an order but need to change something.  What should I do?

Please send us an email to let us know, and if your order hasn’t shipped we will adjust it accordingly.  If it has shipped, we will work with you to make it right.

How can I tell if Lime & Leaf products are backordered?

If an item is backordered it will say so on the product page of the website, or it will let you know when you go into your shopping cart.  If an issue arises after the order is placed, we will let you know via email.  Your credit card will not be charged until your order ships.

I didn’t receive an order confirmation email.  What should I do?

Our system is set to automatically send a confirmation email.  That being said, we all know technology is great until it isn't. The first thing we'd recommend is checking your SPAM folder, in case your email provider decided to trap it there. If you're still not seeing anything from us, feel free to send an email to customerservice@limeandleaf.com  and we'll check it out.   Communication is the key to any relationship, and we will keep you informed to ensure you get your order!



Do I have to pay for shipping?

Purchases under $50 are a $10 flat rate fee, and purchases $51+ are a $12 flat rate fee.

Do you offer expedited shipping options?

We are excited that you want your product quickly and are happy to send it to you via UPS 2nd day!  You can check on the anticipated cost by choosing this option at checkout.

Where is my order shipping from?

Your order is shipping from Monmouth County, New Jersey.  Very close to where we grew up!

Where does Lime & Leaf ship?

We are happy to ship anywhere in the United States.

I misplaced my tracking information.  What should I do?

Please send an email to customerservice@limeandleaf.com explaining what happened, and we will do our best to get you the information.

Tracking information states my package was delivered, but I never received it.  Can you help?

Yes!  Send us an email and we will gladly investigate to make sure you receive what you purchased!!   



How do I apply a coupon to an order?

It is easy to enter a coupon code to your order.  At checkout you will see a field that says “Coupon Code” .  Enter your code into the field and then click “Apply”.  You should see your updated total once the code has been applied.

I accidentally forgot to apply my coupon code, what should I do?

Email us at customerservice@limeandleaf.com as quickly as possible, and we will do our very best to apply the code behind the scenes.

When will I be charged for backordered items?

The good news is that you will never be charged for an item until it ships.

Will I be charged sales tax?

We have to charge sales tax in NJ and Virginia, but not in the other 48 states!



All sales are final.  No refunds, exchanges or price adjustments.  Please click here to see our return policy.