About us

The beach inspires us. It is about family and friendship. It is about memories and moments we wish would last forever. It is home.

As sisters growing up in New Jersey, we waited all year for summer to arrive. When it finally came, we would make the pilgrimage to the shore, our tote bags bursting with sunscreen and magazines and all the tools needed to make the perfect sandcastle. We’d wait excitedly for that moment when the smell in the air changed—when it became a scent of salt and brine; that’s when we knew we were getting close. Soon we’d be crashing through waves and running through sand and collecting treasures in the form of colorful seashells. At the beach, our regular lives fell away. The colors and scents made us happy. The gentle breezes cooled and comforted us. The shore was our sanctuary, our special place.

Today, the charm still hasn’t worn off. Whenever we’re able to gather our families and close friends for a beach vacation, we instantly feel that same carefree calm we did as kids. We created this company to keep those wonderful experiences alive and to share products that we believe can make your life a little cozier, a little more comfortable, and maybe even a little easier. You will find bedding of the highest quality, made responsibly here in the United States. You will find products made to stand up to the rigors of a real, busy household. Our gorgeous designs are inspired by the beach and the natural beauty we find there.

At the end of the day, you can muddle a lime for a margarita or muddle a mint leaf for a mojito and relax like you’re at the beach, right in your own home.

Lime & Leaf offers home textiles inspired by the brilliance of nature, proudly handcrafted in the USA, and designed with your everyday life in mind.

Nature-Inspired Products

Lime & Leaf is inspired by the best colors and patterns that the beach has to offer. Seashells became fabric prints, while a crashing ocean wave translated to embroidery and gorgeous Matelasse. Our colors are derived from fiery red coral and gentle green seaglass, and we know that going forward, there is no limit to what else could stop us in our tracks. Nature has a lot to offer, and we’re keeping our eyes open.

Handcrafted in the USA

We are committed to manufacturing our products in the USA because we are here to support each other.

From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to create products sourced and produced in the US. When we met the people who make our products, we were inspired by their commitment to quality. They are artists and artisans and now we are honored to call them friends. We are proud to work with manufacturers in 14 states that span east to west and north to south.

With You In Mind

At Lime & Leaf our products are designed to live in the real world. Colors are carefully chosen to coordinate, and the style is consistently clean, simple and comfortable so that you don’t need to stress while shopping or relaxing in a room filled with Lime & Leaf décor. We know what a difference little details can make. We had you in mind when we designed our sheets to have easy to read size and END labels and our duvet covers to have zips instead of fiddly buttons. At Lime & Leaf we take into consideration real, everyday use.