Love is in the Air... Valentine's Gifts to Share

Jan 31, 2018
Love is in the Air... Valentine's Gifts to Share

It’s February! Some say it’s the month of love. Others say it’s the month of snow! And while many of us are buried in the deep freeze of winter, we can all warm up with sweet moments of love for Valentine’s Day. Whether you have a significant other or not, there’s always someone who would appreciate a thoughtful gift from the heart.

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Why Your Winter Plans Should Include Cannon Beach

Jan 14, 2018
Why Your Winter Plans Should Include Cannon Beach

Happy New Year, and welcome to Winter! No matter where you live in the U.S., it is a little (in some cases a lot) colder, there’s less daylight, and perhaps overcast skies. Yet there’s something inherently romantic and exciting about a grey, stormy coastline. And that’s exactly what brought us to recommend our latest travel spot: Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Perennially listed among America’s top beaches, Cannon Beach provides dramatic beauty along the rugged shoreline. With close to 4 miles of glorious, sandy beaches, vibrantly colored tide pools, and craggy sea stacks rising from the ocean, this is a photographer, beachcomber, and fall-in-lover’s paradise.

Add in a companion seaside village that is pure small town charm. It’s filled with art galleries, cafes, farm-to-table restaurants, specialty shops, quirky museums, walking paths, and luxurious retreats providing panoramic views. Are you packed yet?

One of our close friends is lucky enough to call Cannon Beach home. We asked Liana to give an insider’s view of where to go, what to do, to make this bucket list destination that much more special. Here’s the skinny:

Our favorite spot for breakfast is The Lazy Susan Café. It’s cute and cozy, with great food and excellent service.  Their home-baked goods and daily specials never disappoint.  

For lunch, we always take guests to the Ecola Seafood Market. We recommend the halibut fish and chips — the fish is fresh and flaky and cooked to perfection in a light and tasty batter — or try a cup of their delicious clam chowder. 

For a casual dinner, we like Bill’s Tavern and Brewhouse, a microbrewery with good pub food — especially the burgers. In addition to brewing beer, Bill’s Tavern makes its own root beer, which is always a treat for the kids. Bill’s is right in the center of town and, if you can get a table on their little front deck, there’s great people-watching. 

One of our favorite things to do in Cannon Beach is hiking through Ecola State Park, on the north end of town. The trails take you along the cliffs in an old-growth forest, and around every bend, you’re treated to stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the secluded beaches below. From the lookout at Ecola Point, you have panoramic views of Cannon Beach and the iconic Haystack Rock. Whale watching is also a captivating winter (and early Spring). If you time it right, the migration is truly a sight to behold.


Something else Liana loves? Lime & Leaf’s cotton throw blanket!  It’s nice and heavy and super comfy and cozy.  It gets chilly in the evenings in Cannon Beach, and I love to wrap myself up in my throw blanket and snuggle on the couch with a good book.


Cannon Beach is simply one of those places that inspires. At Lime & Leaf, we’ve taken a lot of inspiration from local landscapes… from pine trees to sea fans to sunsets. Spending a morning in the Pacific Northwest’s wintry coastal fog, we were again struck by nature and the gorgeous greys that play in the light. And voila, Grey Mist was born. It’s our newest color for bedding, and makes for a perfect match with our luxe, made-in-America pillows and throws. (For ideas and tips on how to style Lime and Leaf patterns, colors and products, visit our Mix & Match page.) We hope we’ve inspired a new travel destination, and at the very least, it never hurts to have a little dose of beach in your day.



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Holiday Traditions

Dec 21, 2017
Holiday Traditions

‘Twas the night before Christmas… what was your family doing?

Holiday traditions are what make our memories so special. They bond our children, and keep us coming back to each other year after year. Here, we share some of our family’s most meaningful experiences with you:

When we were little, our grandmother always gave us new pajamas for Christmas Eve. We knew that was going to be the gift but it was still exciting as we would put them on and get ready for bed on the most exciting night of the year! That tradition has carried on to this day—even though we are the ones buying the PJs for our kids. Now, as young adults, they are just as happy with cool sweats and a t-shirt from the likes of American Giant (made in the USA just like Lime & Leaf). And the girls love to get cozy in Lake Pajamas made of super soft Supima just like our luxurious sheets.

Tinsel is old-fashioned and some may think tacky but it’s another traditional decoration we use. It’s kind of hard to find but you can always count on Amazon. Our mother used to put it on one strand at a time. Our dad, the joker, would throw it on by handfuls (much to our delight) and then, of course, mom would fix. Now, we do this with our own kids and have a laugh.

Once presents are opened, we head to a beautifully decorated Christmas morning table—and whether it’s an unexpected color like Lime & Leaf's Caribbean blue or a theme like stars, we find you can always work in the beach. The coast is never far from our minds.


In last year’s blog, we introduced you to our Grandpa Ickstadt’s incredible butter cookies. They are a yearly tradition, a hands-down family favorite, and the ultimate in cookie deliciousness. Definitely worth another read (and the recipe is there too!)

 As we move from one year to the next, one of our long-standing family treasures is our year-end photo montage. We put together 365 photos of everyone during the year. Some photos are as mundane as any given day would be and others celebrate vacations, birthdays, special events, etc. We turn it all into a slide show and gather round with popcorn to reminisce. What a sweet way to end the year.

Our Lime & Leaf co-workers and customers have some pretty wonderful traditions too:

Christmas Eve is the big eventWe wait until midnight to open our presents!

We set up a Christmas village under the tree. Some of us use Lego, some store-bought houses or homemade crafts.  As the kids started helping, all kinds of fun things were added including police and firemen, princesses, Star Wars figures, animals, etc.

Boxing Day is the 26th of Decemberit’s celebrated in the UK. One family keeps their roots alive by having a super relaxing day on the 26th ending with another large family meal.

Christmas Carols and church on Christmas Eveas well as attending Christmas pageants are a big deal here.

Another yearly event is gathering lots of family and friends to make gingerbread houses where there is a “more is more” attitude towards candy. 

This family takes the pajama wearing one step further… on Christmas Eve, they all put their matching jammies on, then pile in the car to check out all the local light displays!

Chinese food and movies were the order of the day at a few customers’ homesalthough some ordered in, and some went out!

Whatever your traditions, old, new or a mix of both, Lime & Leaf wishes you and your families the happiest of holidays and the most wonderful New Year!

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The Festive Table

Dec 15, 2017
The Festive Table

Dreaming of a coastal Christmas? Dress up the table and set a festive mood that merges beach with holiday spirit and décor! 

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Refresh Your Home for the Holidays with Tips from a NYC Interior Designer

Dec 08, 2017
Refresh Your Home for the Holidays with Tips from a NYC Interior Designer

There’s no place like home for the holidays… unless of course, your “palace” isn’t prepped and you’re one big stress ball worrying how to get it ready before the parade of visitors arrive at your door! Well, have no fear! Lime and Leaf is here… with wintry ideas, coastal products, and friendly advice to refresh your home.

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Bring Your Host the Most Special Gifts this Holiday Season

Nov 30, 2017
Bring Your Host the Most Special Gifts this Holiday Season

It’s party time! Get that calendar out and fill it up, social Santas. Whether it’s an ornament exchange, ugly sweater brunch, black-tie soiree or a cocktail hour (or two), you’re sure to have somewhere to go in the next month or so. And with each invitation… comes the search for a hostess gift. What to do? What to buy? What’s the perfect present? Not to worry, we’re here to help you find the most gracious gifts for your happy hosts.

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Fall Fanfare

Nov 14, 2017
Fall Fanfare

We love fall. It’s not a typical thought to head to the beach this time of year but it’s actually a great place to get inspired by the brilliance of nature, and pick up some charming beach finds.

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Newport Rhode Island : The Belle of the Ball

Aug 18, 2017
Newport Rhode Island : The Belle of the Ball

There is nothing like waking up to the sound of the foghorns in Newport, knowing the fog will lift by mid-morning and by noon the winds will be a steady fifteen knots, ready to make a great day of sailing on the harbor. 

We woke up and dressed quickly, excited to get out on the water.  Too excited to make breakfast even, so we zipped over to the Corner Café, for a hearty breakfast and coffee.  We knew it had to last through a busy morning up to a late lunch on board our boat.  We were heading out to an all day sail with America’s Cup Charters, and I had a feeling we would need our strength!

Newport, Rhode Island.  This historic New England town is breathtaking to say the least, and has enough cozy charm to soften even the weariest travel heart! 

The rocky coastlines that surround this island remind you that fishing and sailing is a way of life here, for “townies” and visitors alike.  The smell of the salt air and the low bellow of the foghorns will transport you to another time, when whaling and a life sustained by the sea were paramount.  Newport is remarkably well preserved, with endless historic homes dating from 400 years ago through the Victorian and Gilded Ages, many of them now beautiful little inns in five-star condition.  It is almost impossible to find a big hotel chain here.  Main street has wonderful shopping, and it’s really not touristy, everywhere you turn is a terrific restaurant – and so much incredible seafood.  Please do not leave until you have at least had the local lobster, and flounder is highly recommended as well! 

 There is literally so much to do, try not to stuff it all in one trip.  We take our time when we visit and savor each experience.  That said, we do have some recommendations that are essential; wake up on the early side, grab a great breakfast at the Corner Café, and then strike out to Cliff Walk.  You can find a little known parking lot right next to Salve Regina University’s mansion.  Cliff Walk will take you along the sea passing one stunning mansion after the next from the Gilded Age.  It is truly awe-inspiring on many levels. 

After Cliff Walk you will likely be ready for afternoon adventures, and we have to recommend a sunset sail with America’s Cup Charters – trust us, it’s a wonderful experience, there is nothing like getting out on the water in Newport, plus you get all important bragging rights for sailing and great pics!  


For dinner we suggest you head on over to Bannister’s Wharf, where you will find the Black Pearl and the Candy Store, both legendary spots for Americas Cup sailing teams to drink and dine after a day racing.  We mentioned there are many Bed and Breakfasts in Newport, but one of our favorites is The Castle Hill Inn and Resort, it is purely magical.  If you don’t end up staying there, do not despair – Castle Hill beckons for fine dining and cocktails on the lawn as you watch the sailing yachts in Newport Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean.  Stunning.

We could write pages on Newport, but in the end it’s symbolic of the beach and ocean inspired nature and lifestyle we embrace at Lime & Leaf.  We have made the pilgrimage to this rare port on many occasions, and we hope to see you there!

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Would Summer be Summer without a trip to the Hamptons?

Jul 20, 2017
Would Summer be Summer without a trip to the Hamptons?


We arrived at the Hamptons with a warm summer breeze coming off the ocean, one that was just strong enough to cut into the heat a little, but not so strong it was blowing the sand into our faces or our picnic baskets.  After a long drive it was a relief to settle down on the beach, take a deep breath, and crack open the cold iced teas we packed in our cooler.  Making a trek to the Hamptons is easier said than done – somehow it always seems to take longer than we think - but summer wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t make it at least once!

Beautiful and serene, the Hamptons is a place to relax, visit friends, and enjoy some of the nicest beaches in the northeast.  As always, we are here to offer some handy visitor recommendations when navigating through this wonderful oasis:

Main Beach, East Hampton 

Often on the “top beaches” lists as one of the best beaches in America, these unusually white beaches for so far north are de-rigueur for NYC’s elite.  Our kids have been known to jump off the lifeguard stands after hours when no one is looking, and generally get nice and tired with all the activities!.  There is a parking fee but its worth it, the beach is impeccably maintained and there is always a chance for some celebrity spotting here, and at the very least, you will leave with a great tan!

There is also Atlantic Beach in Amagansett if you like a classic snack bar, Beach Lane in Wainscot or Georgica Beach in East Hampton for stunning views and a short walk to Georgica Pond. 

Elizabeth A. Morton National Wildlife Refuge, Sag Harbor

Tired of people and ready to make contact with some cute animals?  Head over to Sag Harbor and stretch your legs for two miles at the wildlife refuge.  The animals (small ones: squirrels, chipmunks, and bunnies) are friendly and not afraid to walk right up to you and demand cheese and crackers!  You will see salt marshes, grasslands and beaches, and a plethora of wildlife as well.  While in Sag Harbor, don’t forget to swing by Fishers Home Furnishings where Lime & Leaf has some of our tempting products on display; pick up a throw for a relaxing afternoon nap before striking out on your next adventure! 

There are certainly lots of places to stay, and the kids will always enjoy what kids enjoy, splashing around in the pool, volleyball, pool basketball, and more.  The Hamptons is just a nice place to hang out and be a family.  All that splashing around and hiking through the sand and wildlife refuges will make for a big appetite though! We recommend the local seafood – flounder and scallops are my favorites; try Bostwick’s Chowder House in East Hampton, where one person said the menu reads like a “roll call at an aquarium”! The food there is excellent and you can’t miss!

We couldn’t finish this article without a mention of the shopping in the Hamptons, and there is plenty of it.  Amagansett and its famous Square are better than ever this season, and if you need a place to stay, it’s hard to beat the Mill House Inn – a short walk to town and short bike ride to the beach. 

Remember, the Hamptons are a collection of towns, and having said that, our favorite shopping is in Easthampton and South Hampton.   You will find everything from famous brands to boutiques, all nestled together in a quaint and lovely setting.  The best part of the Hamptons however, is the relaxing vibe - a complete contrast to nearby New York City, and while it may take a few hours to get there, you will feel world’s away from the hustle and bustle during your stay, and be able to recharge in a weekend!

SHOP OUR THROWS -- Now offered at Fishers Home Furnishings! 



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Asbury Park, More than Magical, Never Left Us....

Jun 23, 2017
Asbury Park, More than Magical, Never Left Us....

Childhood memories are always the most magical ones aren’t they?  No matter where you grow up, every day is filled with discovery and promise. For us, growing up in New Jersey, the lure of the Jersey Shore and Asbury Park was always paramount in the realm of excitement and fun.  The cornucopia of sights, sounds, and smells is almost too much for a young person to absorb, and each time we went, there always seemed to be something new.  

Preparation for a trip to Asbury Park always involved us raiding a big jar where we kept our change at home, and rolling the pennies, nickels, and dimes up to bring along and pay for anything and everything there.  Cotton candy, hot dogs, you name it!:) We would typically go on Friday evenings, and couldn’t wait to jump on the rides on the Boardwalk (the teacups were my favorite!).  I also loved the Swan Boats on Wesley lake, being on the water, and spending the time with my family paddling away and looking at everything around us.   

The years drifted past us and Asbury Park took a back seat to other endeavors, until one summer evening we found ourselves at the Stone Pony, watching this amazing guitarist and his “E Street Band”.  Coming of age was partly in Asbury Park too, where we traded cotton candy for the thrill of live music and the emerging music scene that launched Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, and others. More memories. More magic.:)

Like all of us with the ups and downs and twists and turns in life, Asbury Park went through its tough times too.  I can’t remember exactly when we stopped going, but we did.  Time passed again, but by the very late 1990s, an awakening started and Asbury Park began to slowly, steadily, rise from the ashes of its former self. 

Its funny how sometimes you can look over your shoulder and see how all the dots connect in your life.  I go to Asbury Park now more than ever with my own family.  There are lots of nice restaurants and many fine hotels, the mini putt course is still there (my kids LOVE playing it), and while the rides are gone, there is still plenty to doJ .  The beach is still fun (especially for people watching), there is an arcade, and the shopping is terrific. My boys love going to Hoagitos for breakfast & lunch and we go to Pop’s Garage for their Cuban corn (a must have!).  The swan boats came back, to my personal delight - and we go on them from time to time, you can also rent those big bikes that sit 4-6 people and pedal up and down the boardwalk.  The Stone Pony is still open, and now does a summer concert series.  The boardwalk, the centerpiece of Asbury Park, has been rebuilt and is as intriguing and beautiful as ever. 

If you are anywhere near this part of the Garden State, I encourage you to take a side trip and explore Asbury Park with your family, you just might make memories that last a lifetime…


Oh, Sandy, the aurora is rising behind us

This pier lights our carnival life on the water

Runnin', laughin' 'neath the boardwalk,...


4TH OF JULY, ASBURY PARK (SANDY) written by Bruce Springsteen, released on his 1973 album The Wild, The Innocent, & The E Street Shuffle. 




Find our product at these locations:


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And look for our pop up’s this month:

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