Would Summer be Summer without a trip to the Hamptons?

Jul 20, 2017
Would Summer be Summer without a trip to the Hamptons?


We arrived at the Hamptons with a warm summer breeze coming off the ocean, one that was just strong enough to cut into the heat a little, but not so strong it was blowing the sand into our faces or our picnic baskets.  After a long drive it was a relief to settle down on the beach, take a deep breath, and crack open the cold iced teas we packed in our cooler.  Making a trek to the Hamptons is easier said than done – somehow it always seems to take longer than we think - but summer wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t make it at least once!

Beautiful and serene, the Hamptons is a place to relax, visit friends, and enjoy some of the nicest beaches in the northeast.  As always, we are here to offer some handy visitor recommendations when navigating through this wonderful oasis:

Main Beach, East Hampton 

Often on the “top beaches” lists as one of the best beaches in America, these unusually white beaches for so far north are de-rigueur for NYC’s elite.  Our kids have been known to jump off the lifeguard stands after hours when no one is looking, and generally get nice and tired with all the activities!.  There is a parking fee but its worth it, the beach is impeccably maintained and there is always a chance for some celebrity spotting here, and at the very least, you will leave with a great tan!

There is also Atlantic Beach in Amagansett if you like a classic snack bar, Beach Lane in Wainscot or Georgica Beach in East Hampton for stunning views and a short walk to Georgica Pond. 

Elizabeth A. Morton National Wildlife Refuge, Sag Harbor

Tired of people and ready to make contact with some cute animals?  Head over to Sag Harbor and stretch your legs for two miles at the wildlife refuge.  The animals (small ones: squirrels, chipmunks, and bunnies) are friendly and not afraid to walk right up to you and demand cheese and crackers!  You will see salt marshes, grasslands and beaches, and a plethora of wildlife as well.  While in Sag Harbor, don’t forget to swing by Fishers Home Furnishings where Lime & Leaf has some of our tempting products on display; pick up a throw for a relaxing afternoon nap before striking out on your next adventure! 

There are certainly lots of places to stay, and the kids will always enjoy what kids enjoy, splashing around in the pool, volleyball, pool basketball, and more.  The Hamptons is just a nice place to hang out and be a family.  All that splashing around and hiking through the sand and wildlife refuges will make for a big appetite though! We recommend the local seafood – flounder and scallops are my favorites; try Bostwick’s Chowder House in East Hampton, where one person said the menu reads like a “roll call at an aquarium”! The food there is excellent and you can’t miss!

We couldn’t finish this article without a mention of the shopping in the Hamptons, and there is plenty of it.  Amagansett and its famous Square are better than ever this season, and if you need a place to stay, it’s hard to beat the Mill House Inn – a short walk to town and short bike ride to the beach. 

Remember, the Hamptons are a collection of towns, and having said that, our favorite shopping is in Easthampton and South Hampton.   You will find everything from famous brands to boutiques, all nestled together in a quaint and lovely setting.  The best part of the Hamptons however, is the relaxing vibe - a complete contrast to nearby New York City, and while it may take a few hours to get there, you will feel world’s away from the hustle and bustle during your stay, and be able to recharge in a weekend!

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