Valentine's Day: A Gift Guide You'll Love

Feb 01, 2017
Valentine's Day: A Gift Guide You'll Love

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have the best reputation as a holiday. There are claims that it’s a gimmick, that it makes single people feel bad about themselves, that it was invented by the card and candy companies.

We’ve heard all that and more, and while we get where it’s coming from, we’ve never agreed. Instead, we prefer to see Valentine’s Day as an excuse to celebrate anyone in your life that you love. Your friends, your family, your significant other—even yourself! And while every day is a great day to tell those you love how you feel, Valentine’s Day gives us a push to treat the people we love just because we can. 

You don’t need a big, romantic gesture. A simple token of your affection means so much more, and we’ve got a few ideas to make your shopping simple.  

Sea Salt Candle, $38

A lightly scented candle is always a great romantic gift. It makes the receiver feel pampered, and encourages them to relax and take time for themselves. Our Sea Salt candle smells faintly of the ocean, and is the perfect accompaniment to a bubble bath, a night relaxing by the fire, or a calming afternoon alone. 

Picture Frame, $18-$38

Personalized with a picture of you and a loved one, a picture frame always makes for a thoughtful gift. Relive a favorite past memory, or keep it blank with a promise of creating a memory worth capturing. Either way, this is a gift that tells someone just how much you value their place in your life.

Vase, $34-$54

Flowers are a classic Valentine’s Day gift for a reason, and delivering a bouquet along with a beautiful vase is a serious upgrade to a beloved tradition. That way, you’ll ensure that your sweet gesture is remembered long after the fresh flowers have gone.

 Necklaces, $68-$88

Everyone loves getting jewelry, and on Valentine's Day, something that exists only to make the wearer feel pretty and special is an especially appropriate gift. If you're shopping for your sister, your girlfriend or even yourself, a little treat is always well received.

Whether you look forward to Valentine’s Day every year or have had a tumultuous history with it in the past, we hope this gift guide will help make it your best celebration of love yet!