This Week in America

Jan 18, 2017
This Week in America

With Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday and the inauguration of our next president on Friday, this week is primed for reflection on what America is, and what it means to be an American. 

Looking back on the Civil Rights struggles of years past and anticipating a new future as our country changes leaders makes us realize that there are many things that are out of of our control, but our pride in what America is what is citizens can do when given a chance is unwavering. 

By creating products sourced and produced entirely in the USA, we wanted to tap into the potential of what our country has to offer. Certainly we could have looked elsewhere for materials or manufacturing, but we never felt the need to. 

Visits to artisans in North Carolina and New Jersey inspired us. Discovery that the highest quality cotton is grown in California reassured us that we didn't have to compromise on our commitment to be USA-made in order to create the best product possible for our customers. Creating a program to support the American textile industry gave us confidence that the American tradition of craftsmanship is one that deserves to be preserved and continued. 

Whatever your beliefs, there's no doubt that all of the historical events of this week are worthy of reflection. As a new year and a new administration begins, we're doubling down on our commitment to being American-made, supporting the red, white and blue, and creating luxurious products that our customers can feel good about purchasing. 

Guilt-free shopping. What could be more American than that?