The Art of Craftsmanship

Feb 24, 2017
The Art of Craftsmanship

At Lime and Leaf, we are eternally focused on the quality of our products and making sure they are “just right,” down to the last detail. We want to be certain each customer is delighted the day our packages arrive and for years to come. We understand that while beautiful design is paramount, the performance of our products in your home is of equal importance.

One element that determines performance and quality is fabric.  Our process for fabric selection considers many variables. For example, Supima® cotton is one of the finest cottons you can buy. It has extra-long fibers that can be spun into yarns that make our products soft and strong with a finish second to none. We spend necessary time with our vendors to know what types of cotton we are using and exactly where it comes from. Cottons, like grapes for wine, differ from region to region, and it’s important to know what types are being used and for what purpose. We enjoy this level of detail, and we are passionate about craftsmanship. We couldn’t be any other way—both of our parents were craftsman in their own right.

Our dad had a wood shop (a very well-equipped one!) down in our cellar where he would spend hours making things out of wood and metal. He was an engineer by trade, but he loved working with his hands. When we were younger, he would make things for the house; holiday decorations, a jungle gym in the backyard, a cool platform bed and many other wonderful things we loved to use. As he grew older and had more time, he started building intricate dollhouses (believe me, you’ve never seen anything like it). He built a replica of Lori’s house for her daughter, his granddaughter, with over 3,000 bricks in it, all hand dyed and hand laid. He had remarkable patience and passion with his woodworking skills and really took pride in his work. It made us all greatly appreciate the skill, dedication, and love he put into his craft. 

Our mom, a teacher by trade, always had time for us. She taught us how to sew and knit, and we were constantly involved in art projects and making things. We both managed to sew our own outfits while we were still in grammar school. We took so much pleasure in spending time with her. In fact, my daughter just made me a hat the other day and has formed a knitting circle at school. In an age filled with technology, it’s nice to see her knitting with friends. Lori and I are still passionate about making things with or without our kids, whether it’s holiday decorations, jewelry, knitting, or sewing, and we derive immense pleasure from these activities. In doing so, we believe it helps us appreciate the artisan in others.

Craftsmanship is a true art form that can bring so much to your life. We are thrilled to be a part of the revitalization of craftsmanship in the USA.  At Lime and Leaf, craftsmanship begins with us and will be shared with you in every product we make. That is our promise and our passion.