The Mysteries of Sand

Jul 26, 2018
The Mysteries of Sand

Ahhh, mid-summer bliss:  sun, sea and sand. A bright, sunny day can signal instant happiness. The rolling blue waves of the ocean or a lake bring immediate calm. But did you ever stop to think, really think, about the sand?

For instance, what is it? Typical light tan, fine sand is made up of mostly quartz, mica and feldspar; however, sometimes it can be missing one of those “ingredients” or there can be additional materials in it that can affect color and texture.  This is when you find different, unique versions of sand such as the black or red pebbly landscapes in Santorini, Greece (iron-rich, volcanic rock), the pink hues in Bermuda (fragments of pink coral, mollusks and red organisms like foram), and the stark, white, sugar-sand beaches in Hawaii (missing quartz but adding in parrotfish poop – no vulgar joke here – just part of the eco-process!)

Santorini, Red Beach, Greece, colored sand


And the colors don’t stop there.  Across the world, beaches are filled with a stunning array of bright green, purple, pink, orange, red, black, tan, and white sands. There are even beaches with multiple tints. It seems that Mother Nature likes to add a pop of color to change things up too!

pink, sand, Bermuda, beach


Another sandy mystery is that it’s as old as the Earth. There is constant flow of sand from the land into the sea… it comes from many different sources, including the rocks, wind, and environment around the beaches. And it has often traveled a great distance. So when you wiggle your toes into the sand, you could be digging into tiny grains that were once part of a far-off desert or in a river across the country. Imagine the stories sand could tell!

camel, desert, sand, journey, travel

Sand can be fascinating, moody, colorful, neutral, calming, swirling, hard, soft, dry, wet, fine, heavy, hot, cool, fun… what a wonderful metaphor for life itself. Perhaps that’s why it feels so right to bring sandy colors and textures into our homes. As if adding a new layer of sand-colored sheets, a throw or simply a textured weave pillow to a room may somehow connect us with the ancient histories and rich emotion in every grain of sand. Whatever it is, it falls right in with Lime and Leaf’s “bring nature in” philosophy.  And there’s no mystery in how that makes us feel.

sand, sand castle, child

Here's to a wonderful rest of the summer!