Refresh Your Home for the Holidays with Tips from a NYC Interior Designer

Dec 08, 2017
Refresh Your Home for the Holidays with Tips from a NYC Interior Designer

 There’s no place like home for the holidays… unless of course, your “palace” isn’t prepped and you’re one big stress ball worrying how to get it ready before the parade of visitors arrive at your door! Well, have no fear! Lime and Leaf is here… with wintry ideas, coastal products, and friendly advice to refresh your home.

Jenny Fishbach of Jenny Fishbach Design is a New York City interior designer, with an impressive and eclectic mix of clients throughout the U.S. She’s provided us with some mostly low-key (to keep stress levels down!) suggestions to help make everything feel new, different and festive!

1. Try rotating your art and showcase different pieces throughout your home. This offers the ability to appreciate an old piece with a fresh perspective, or add in some bright, holiday-inspired art.



2. There’s nothing like adding fresh cut flowers to your kitchen, entry or guest rooms to liven up your home. Try choosing flowers in a single color or color family. They're more sophisticated and visually powerful.

3. If you’re feeling bold, paint an accent wall in a room. Two coats of paint and a little elbow grease will dramatically transform a space.

4. Replacing your linens, duvet and pillows is an easy way to freshen up a guest room. Just make sure you’re getting what you pay for when it comes to sheets (Check out Lime and Leaf’s feature in Apartment Therapy’s article on how to spot fake labels on sheet sets.) Add some accessories (books, candles, throws) to add new dimension to the space.

5. You can make an old sofa feel new again with new, decorative pillows. Try different textures as this adds both visual and tactile interest. Pillows will also give you the opportunity to easily change the accent color in the room. (We just love the icy blue in this living area. So coastal… and so unexpected for winter.)

A new throw can also change up a space by adding an extra-cozy element that invites a guest to wrap up and make herself at home. It’s the exact ambiance you want for your family and friends.



Stress taking its toll? If you can get away to a yoga class, it will really do wonders for you. No time? Take a s-l-o-w breath in through the nose (fill your lungs to capacity), hold for 3-5 seconds, breathe out through the mouth (softly and slowly) so that all the air exits. Do this three times. It will change your world.

The best part about this time of year is the time spent with family and friends. So don’t worry if everything’s not perfect. Put a little love into everything you do, surround yourself with your favorite people, be generous with what you are able to, and simply enjoy your home and the season.