NYE: New Year's Easy

Dec 28, 2016
NYE: New Year's Easy

A lot of people would have you believe that New Year’s Eve is an over-hyped holiday, and we definitely agree that it can be. There’s a lot of pressure to find the perfect party to go to and the perfect dress to wear and the perfect midnight moment. It’s all great in theory—or in a romantic comedy—but in reality, those kinds of expectations often lead to disappointment. 

Our ideal New Year’s is a lot simpler, which means it’s a lot more relaxed, which means that people actually get to have fun! Rather than stressing over where to go, we invite close friends to join us at our home.

Now, by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around, hosting one more get-together may seem like the last thing you want to do. To avoid overextending ourselves, we focus on making one element absolutely perfect, and taking shortcuts when it comes to everything else.

For us, that means setting an absolutely beautiful table and then ordering takeout or setting out prepared bites for everyone to eat. We set out brightly colored runner, placemats and napkins and all the flatware and drinkware our guests will need throughout the night. We make sure we have coasters placed throughout the house to encourage guests to wander and mingle. And then, since we’re not actually cooking anything, we take the time to relax and actually enjoy ourselves and our company.

Perhaps it’s not the most elegant solution to the problem of New Year’s Eve, and certainly we encourage any of you who are ambitious enough to do it all to go for it. But we’ve found that when the table is beautifully set, no one cares whether you spent hours cooking or ordered in Chinese food. If you’re relaxed and having fun and the atmosphere is festive, it will be the best New Year’s party your friends have ever been to. We’ll raise a champagne flute to that!