Newport Rhode Island : The Belle of the Ball

Aug 18, 2017
Newport Rhode Island : The Belle of the Ball

There is nothing like waking up to the sound of the foghorns in Newport, knowing the fog will lift by mid-morning and by noon the winds will be a steady fifteen knots, ready to make a great day of sailing on the harbor. 

We woke up and dressed quickly, excited to get out on the water.  Too excited to make breakfast even, so we zipped over to the Corner Café, for a hearty breakfast and coffee.  We knew it had to last through a busy morning up to a late lunch on board our boat.  We were heading out to an all day sail with America’s Cup Charters, and I had a feeling we would need our strength!

Newport, Rhode Island.  This historic New England town is breathtaking to say the least, and has enough cozy charm to soften even the weariest travel heart! 

The rocky coastlines that surround this island remind you that fishing and sailing is a way of life here, for “townies” and visitors alike.  The smell of the salt air and the low bellow of the foghorns will transport you to another time, when whaling and a life sustained by the sea were paramount.  Newport is remarkably well preserved, with endless historic homes dating from 400 years ago through the Victorian and Gilded Ages, many of them now beautiful little inns in five-star condition.  It is almost impossible to find a big hotel chain here.  Main street has wonderful shopping, and it’s really not touristy, everywhere you turn is a terrific restaurant – and so much incredible seafood.  Please do not leave until you have at least had the local lobster, and flounder is highly recommended as well! 

 There is literally so much to do, try not to stuff it all in one trip.  We take our time when we visit and savor each experience.  That said, we do have some recommendations that are essential; wake up on the early side, grab a great breakfast at the Corner Café, and then strike out to Cliff Walk.  You can find a little known parking lot right next to Salve Regina University’s mansion.  Cliff Walk will take you along the sea passing one stunning mansion after the next from the Gilded Age.  It is truly awe-inspiring on many levels. 

After Cliff Walk you will likely be ready for afternoon adventures, and we have to recommend a sunset sail with America’s Cup Charters – trust us, it’s a wonderful experience, there is nothing like getting out on the water in Newport, plus you get all important bragging rights for sailing and great pics!  


For dinner we suggest you head on over to Bannister’s Wharf, where you will find the Black Pearl and the Candy Store, both legendary spots for Americas Cup sailing teams to drink and dine after a day racing.  We mentioned there are many Bed and Breakfasts in Newport, but one of our favorites is The Castle Hill Inn and Resort, it is purely magical.  If you don’t end up staying there, do not despair – Castle Hill beckons for fine dining and cocktails on the lawn as you watch the sailing yachts in Newport Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean.  Stunning.

We could write pages on Newport, but in the end it’s symbolic of the beach and ocean inspired nature and lifestyle we embrace at Lime & Leaf.  We have made the pilgrimage to this rare port on many occasions, and we hope to see you there!