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Mixing, Matching

Jan 25, 2017
Mixing, Matching

Nature inspired the colors and patterns of Lime & Leaf, but when it came to understanding how people would actually use our products we turned to the most inspiring people we know—our friends. Like us, many of them had struggled to find high quality sheets that they loved or decorative elements that would make a room feel complete. They happily shared those issues with us, and we did our best to think about how Lime & Leaf might be able to solve them.

Which is how we came up with the idea of our interactive Mix & Match tool. A longtime friend of ours was at the end of a multi-room home improvement. Rooms had been painted, a retiling had occurred and furniture had been updated, and the only thing left to do was pick out the pillows for two different couches in her living room and den. After months of fabric samples and paint swatches and delivery dates, all she wanted was to go to a home store, browse around and find pillows she loved that would complete her look. It should have been simple.

Of course, it wasn’t. In the store, she could look a pillow and know that she liked it, but then would get home and realize it didn’t go with the rest of the room she had already put together. Or she found one pillow she loved, but nothing else she saw complemented it in the right way.

It took her ordering ten different pillows in all shapes, sizes and colors before she was able to find two that she really liked.

Throughout this whole process, we were there to empathize because we’d been there too. And it stands to reason that many of you have as well. That’s why we created our interactive Mix & Match tool. By being able to see in real time how Lime & Leaf pillows and throws look together in a variety of colors and patterns, it saves the hassle of having to order ten things just to return eight.

Plus—and this is just an added bonus—the drop and drag is really fun!