Lifeguards, Shells, and Macaroons…memories of Avon by the Sea

May 19, 2017
Lifeguards, Shells, and Macaroons…memories of Avon by the Sea

When we were young we would go to Avon by the Sea in New Jersey to visit the beach and all the magic that it brought us.  In many ways this was the start of Lime & Leaf and our fascination with the sea and all she has to offer.  Avon by the Sea is a cornucopia of seaside delights; from the shells to collect (a fan shell was ALWAYS a prized find), to it’s quaint beauty, it’s the perfect setting for a fun day with the family or… if you are lucky enough…. it’s a great place to enjoy a good book or a well deserved nap while sitting quietly under your umbrella. 

Avon by the Sea also has its cherished boardwalk, distinguishable by the beautiful lamp posts and the delicious Avon Pavilion, a great place to get food for the whole family.  A little off the boardwalk is a Macaroon shop on Main Street, our mom used to bring us there for an extra little sweet when we were little (the coconut ones were my favorite!). The Macaroon shop was founded in 1930, and is still there today (although it's moved a few times!), so if you are in Avon anytime soon, it is definitely worth the walk. 

As great as the macaroons and boardwalk were for us (and they were pretty great!) the best parts were the little tide pools that would form at low tide – we would play in there for hours with our friends, fascinated by the sea creatures that would wash in and out with the waves.  If that wasn’t enough to keep us entertained, our mom would make scavenger hunt lists and we would spend many hours trying to check off those lists, whether it was looking for specific shells on the beach, or getting an autograph from a lifeguard (Lori always liked that part more than me!).

As the years have gone by we find ourselves returning to Avon by the Sea, now with our own kids.  My sons and their friends love seining near the inlet to collect “critters”.  They will either chase their sisters with them, or the more entrepreneurial ones sell them to the fisherman! And believe me those scavenger hunt lists reappear in one form or another on almost all of our excursions to the beach – mom was a genius! 

If you are in Avon this weekend, we will be there as well!  There is great shopping on Main Street at Bungalow Road – and we will be there this Saturday, May 20 from 10-5.  Come by and say hello – we would love to see you!  If you run out of things to do, Lori has included her scavenger hunt list to make sure your kids stay busy!:

Lori’s Scavenger Hunt List (adjust accordingly for age of child!

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(inspired by our treasured Avon by the Sea finds)