Keeping it Cozy

Feb 08, 2017
Keeping it Cozy

To be perfectly honest, this is the time of year when we start to get sick of winter. The holiday season is far enough behind us to have faded to memory, but spring still seems like a far way off. The weather is unpredictable, changing from unseasonably-warm to dead-of-winter-cold in a matter of hours. The days are getting marginally longer, but it still never feels like there's enough time to get everything done. We start to get antsy, waiting for the seasons to change. 

One of the only ways we know to combat the seasonal doldrums is by refocusing on all the things we do love about winter. We never like to wish time to speed up, and taking time to slow down and pay attention to the things we'll miss when the cold disappears helps us to appreciate the present. 

Which is how we ended up giving our family rooms what we call cozy-overs—a room makeover with the intention of making the space cozier. It gives us something to love about being indoors, watching the rain or snow or blustering wind through the window. If you need a little mid-season inspiration, we've got five great ideas for creating your own cozy space perfect for waiting out the rest of winter. 

1. Make it personal.
Any room in your house should feel like just that—a room in your house, that could never be mistaken for anyone else's space. We accomplish that with small, personal touches and accessories. Our favorite books on the end table, photos of family in colorful frames and treasured mementos displayed throughout. 

2. Make it comfy.
Your cozy space should be inviting—it should look and feel like a place where you genuinely want to spend your time. We love sinking into a small mountain of comfortable pillows around the room on couches and chairs whenever we want to relax. Go for a mix-and-match look to keep the look casual, or a one-tone color scheme for something more serene. 

3. Keep it calm.
Lighting really makes a difference when setting a tone for a room. Whenever possible, we make use of lamps rather than overhead lighting. It gives everything a softer, more rustic feel, which is exactly what we want for a relaxing space. 

4. Warm it up. 
Having a fireplace in a room automatically makes it feel cozy, but even without it, there are ways to create a comforting warmth. Our throws are perfect for curling up in, and there's nothing cozier than being wrapped up in a blanket. Light some candles, grab a book and a glass of wine, and you'll have all the warmth you need. 

5. Keep it timeless.
Mixing modern pieces with generational heirlooms and long-loved treasures is a great way to create a look that's neither too old or too new. Find a common thread through all your items—a color scheme or a material—and you can create a cohesive look with all your favorite pieces, regardless of what era they're from. 


With a cozy room and a little patience, we can all make it through to spring!