It Had to be Supima

Jan 11, 2017
It Had to be Supima

Assuming that none of you will fact-check this with our families, we feel confident saying that we are rarely stubborn people. Occasionally we can get fixated on something and from time-to-time we can get overly passionate about a particular subject, but we always try to stay on this side of stubborn.

When we were starting Lime & Leaf, all that changed. From the beginning we had a strong vision—an American-made product that looks great and feels amazing—and we weren’t willing to compromise.

Fortunately for us, we were introduced to Supima® cotton. Supima was our missing puzzle piece, and once we found it, a complete picture started to take place.








“It’s strength is superior to other cottons,” said David Sasso, Vice President of Buhler Quality Yarns in Jefferson, Georgia. Buhler also loves the “sheen and softness” that is only afforded by using such a high quality cotton. Supima cotton is a luxury material that creates the foundation of an amazing product. Because it is made from extra-long staple cotton, Supima fibers can be spun into finer count yarns. This translates to both strength and softness when it comes to products like our sheet sets, which are incredibly long-lasting, and improve over time, growing softer with each wash.

As a licensed Supima dealer, Lime & Leaf is able to guarantee that our bedding is made from 100% Pima cotton, and as a small business, we can personally account for the quality of the material that we sourced.Besides the amazing feel and durability it lends our products, our favorite thing about Supima is that it is 100% American-grown. Our cotton specifically is grown in California and spun in Georgia, and being able to follow the supply chain every step of the way makes us feel even better about the products we create and sell.

So maybe it’s not that we aren’t stubborn. Maybe it’s just that we save our stubbornness for things that really matter. After a night on our Supima cotton sheets, we think you’ll agree that it was well worth it.