Hostess Gift Guide: A present for every party

Nov 16, 2016
Hostess Gift Guide: A present for every party

One of our favorite things about this time of year is the endless opportunities to reconnect. From holiday gatherings to cocktail parties to long weekends visiting friends, we actually love to see our calendar fill up. 

Before our days and nights get too busy, we always make sure we have everything we need to survive—and actually enjoy—the social engagements that we're lucky enough to be invited to. For us, that means having a ready-to-go stock pile of the holiday party essentials: clear nail polish (for fixing stocking runs), festive music to get us in the party spirit, and, most importantly, thoughtful, easy hostess gifts that we can bring to any gathering. 

Below, we've collected some of our favorite items that work perfectly as memorable hostess gifts sure to impress. Whether you're shopping for someone specific or just like to have a few extras on hand for when invitations roll in, our Hostess Gifts Guide will ensure you're remembered as everyone's favorite guest, long after the party has ended. 

Gift Idea #1: Vases
Bud Vase, Midnight Wave: $32
Bud Vase, White: $32
Vases are a great gift, because they're an item that people love to have but rarely buy for themselves. To really impress, bring your host an arrangement of flowers as well. 

Gift Idea #2: Coaster Sets
Mixed Coaster Set, Midnight: $28
Mixed Coaster Set, Driftwood: $28

Gifts that have a specific function—like coasters—are always appreciated, and the unique colors and interesting patters of these sets makes them feel special. Depending on how the party is progressing, your host may pull them out and put them to use right away!

Gift Idea #3: Picture Frames
Moroccan Tiled Frame, Coral: $32
Mother of Pearl Tiled Frame, Seaglass: $18

Hosts always hope that wonderful memories will be made at their holiday gatherings. In that spirit, a festive frame is the perfect gift. If you have a picture you love of the two of you together, add it in for a personal touch. 

Gift Idea #4: Candles
Sea Salt Candle: $38

After the last guest has cleared and the last appetizer has been devoured, most hosts look forward to simply relaxing. A scented candle the fills the air with a subtle smell creates a mood of calm—just what a busy host needs after the party is over.