Hilton Head Island – Nature’s beauty is just around the corner…

Apr 14, 2017
Hilton Head Island – Nature’s beauty is just around the corner…

Ahhh – Hilton Head Island…a “lowcountry” resort town situated on an island of the same name in South Carolina.  The island is named for Captain William Hilton, who in the mid-1600’s identified a headland near the entrance of Port Royal Sound, and modestly named it “Hilton Head” after himself.  Surprise! Not THAT Hilton!

These days it’s a well-known and beautiful resort area, filled with a zillion things to do and enough natural beauty to work hard at doing nothing.  We travelled there this week ahead of Easter to soak up the sun and the natural beauty, and of course, as we always like to do, explore and discover. 

We awoke on the first morning, and every morning thereafter, to a stunning sunrise, taking in the reds, golds, and shades of blue that nature blends so magnificently. 

It was all we could do to hurry through breakfast and put our feet on the sand and start walking, forging ahead diligently in the soft sands of high tide, the gentle waves providing background music to the ever-changing beauty all around us.  Toward the end of the day, the warmth of the spring day shifted to the cool air of the sunset and evenings, and we delighted in the fact we had our Lime & Leaf blankets to keep us warm!



 End of the day and cozy warmth from our Starfish blanket - totally appropriate!

It never ceases to amaze us the almost infinite designs and patterns that are on display for all of us, each one a candidate for a future Lime & Leaf design.  Hilton Head was no exception, and our portfolios were becoming fuller each day.   

If you venture out and travel to Hilton Head, you will find no shortage of things to do if you grow restless.  With so much going on and so much to choose from, it’s hard not to join in at some point.  From fishing, to biking, to kayaking, to golf - it’s all there and much more.  We will definitely be adding our inspirations in a future collection for Lime & Leaf, and in the meantime, we wish you a wonderful holiday weekend with family and friends!

Lori and Kari


More about Hilton Head

We had the chance to visit our wonderful customers Lance and Kathy who kindly shared their personal recommendations for all of you who visit:


Best place for lunch:

“The Dunes House” in Palmetto Dunes. "Sitting on the deck-looking out at the ocean-eating a blackened fish sandwich. Heaven."


Best place for Dinner:

The Boat House on Skull Creek (at buoy 15 if going by boat).  Try the Mahi-Mahi with almonds!


Where to go:  

"The beach, and don’t forget to watch the dolphins and pelicans!"


Where to stay:

The Sonesta Hotel in Shipyard Plantation. “Just completed a big renovation and it's fabulous.”


Thank you Lance and Kathy for loving Lime & Leaf!