Gift Guide: One for them, one for you!

Dec 07, 2016
Gift Guide: One for them, one for you!

As fun as it is to give things to friends and family and see their delighted reaction when they open a gift they love, the actual process behind the present is not always as joyful. Holiday shopping can be an arduous task, one full of doubt and long lines and blurry eyes from staring at an online shopping cart for too long. 

There are two things that get us through the whole shopping experience: 1) Keeping in mind that when we do see that look of happiness on a loved one's face it will all be worth it and 2) Rewarding ourselves along the way. 

We are both firmly in the camp that buying holiday presents for yourself is allowed, and makes the entire season more enjoyable. We feel no shame in picking up a treat for ourselves as she shop for others. Below, we've put together a guide for gifts that are perfect for buying in for them, one for you!

Sea Salt Candle, $38

This candle's versatility makes it a great gift for even the hardest to buy for friend on your list. The scent is reminiscent of breezy ocean air, but the lightness of it means it won't overwhelm. Gift it to that person you know who misses the beach in the dead of winter, and keep one for yourself to light when the weather gets warm and a vacation is on your mind. 

Leather and Suede Necklaces, $68-$88

Jewelry always feels like a special gift because its only purpose is to be pretty. These leather and suede necklaces feature pearls or silver discs, and are a blend of nature-inspired simplicity and streetwear cool. Grab them for the women in your life who deserve a little pampering—which, don't forget, includes you!

Vases, $38-$54
We are of the mentality that you can never have too many vases, because the more vases you have only means the more flowers you can fill your home with. Our vases come in various styles and heights, which means there's something that will look perfect in any home, be it your sister's, your best friend's, or yours. 

Hand Blown Glass Ornament, $25

Each year our trees have a wide assortment of ornaments—from beloved family keepsakes to crafts our kids made—but this ornament, handcrafted in New Jersey, still manages to stand out. Its festive red color and artistic construction make it hard to miss, in the best way. Buy one for a friend whose tree could use a boost and keep one for yourself. The two of you can think of each other as you deck the halls for years to come.