Entertaining, Lime & Leaf Style!

May 26, 2017
Entertaining, Lime & Leaf Style!

Memorial Day 2017 

Memorial Day – the official kickoff to the summer and everything summer represents!  Over the years Memorial Day has evolved toward the official start of the summer, a time for families to unite for a long weekend, bar-b-que, special recipes from all in attendance, and a plethora of activities and fun. 

So whether you are entertaining or being entertained – we have some Lime & Leafy ideas for you – snatched straight from our secret L&L files!: 

The Setting:

Outdoors is essential.  This is when you get your pool ready and all the furniture around it.  For the children, plenty of floats and toys for summertime pool fun – a quick run to the local store for a basket of little toys and each child can pick one poolside – always a thrilling moment J Make certain to not miss any details – the setting is as important if not more so than the food!  Of course, this is where Lime & Leaf can help – from coasters to runners to pillows and more, Lime & Leaf can add that splash of color (red and blue are de-rigueur) and bring a little luxury to any bar-b-que!

PS:  Make sure refreshments are plentiful, and easy to find (more on that later!)


The Food:


We all expect the classics – hot dogs, bar-b-que, hamburgers, potato salad, salad, salad, and more salad, fresh fruit, chips and more, but it is easy to add a little more flair and interest this Memorial Day for your guest’s palate: try a little Carne Asada (great recipes abound on the internet) and grilled vegetables, it’s easy and incredibly flavorful, and you can experiment with different seasonings to put your signature on the dish.  We always also include the time honored chip dip, our mom was always well prepared with Charles Chips potato chips and the ever-present 1960’s Lipton Onion Soup Mix dip.   We are STILL making it today - but call it our “Retro Dip”, everyone loves it and it conjures up so many happy memories (recipe is on the Lipton’s Box!).


The Refreshments:


OK here we go – the Lime & Leaf margarita – we know there are lots of twists to Margarita recipes, but this is ours J Remember – make them easy to find for guests!


The Lime & Leaf Simple and Delicious Frozen Margarita:


1 container frozen limeade (keep container for measuring!)

Put frozen limeade into blender

Fill 1 limeade container with tequila (a little more or less)

Add contents to the blender

Fill 1/2 limeade container with triple sec (a little more or less)

Add contents to the blender

Fill blender to 8 cups with small ice cubes or crushed ice 

Blend to desired frozen drink consistency

Rub lime around edge of glass - dip in salt  

Fill glass with Margarita and add slice of lime!


That’s it!  The perfect Margarita – and another fabulous Memorial Day begins anew!


Happy Memorial Day!


Kari and Lori