Embroidery is alive and well at Lime & Leaf!

May 13, 2017
Embroidery is alive and well at Lime & Leaf!

Embroidery is an art form that has been part of culture for thousands of years.  In America, young girls worked on “samplers” - depicting alphabets and numerals, as a way to learn basic needlework skills.  By the early 1800s, schools emerged and taught their students more decorative motifs such as flowers, houses, verses and so on. 

I learned the craft from my mom in the 1970’s, and would decorate my jeans around the hem and up the side of the leg with flowers and other designs of my own invention.   Hand embroidery is an art form to this day, and is alive and well in the USA!  Additionally, we can’t talk about embroidery in America without tipping our hat to Robert Reiner, (not THAT Rob Reiner!) he was the person largely responsible for igniting the machine embroidery industry in Hudson County, New Jersey in the early 1900’s.  Mr. Reiner obtained the exclusive license for one of the first fully automated embroidery machines, and dozens of enterprising Americans bought them from him, embroidering everything from sheets, dresses, apparel and beyond!

Here at Lime & Leaf the art of hand and machine embroidery is alive and well.  All of our embroidery is done in the USA, and the sheets are still done in Hudson County!  Our strikingly beautiful and detailed pillows are done by hand, as are the edges of our blankets in the Spring Collection.  Take the time to browse all our collections of embroidered pieces, and add one to your home – it’s a great way to decorate and keep this wonderful art alive!


Lori and Kari


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