Cotton Tales

May 16, 2018
Cotton Tales

Are your sheets “faux” real? Fake news has become part of the current American lexicon. It can be tough to weed out what’s real and what’s not. But fake sheets? That’s one bed you don’t want to sleep in. At Lime & Leaf, we believe in full transparency regarding where our products come from, where they are made and what they are made of.

But there are so many options and questions before buying sheets: What kind of material is best? How do you know if what you’re buying is real? Thread count? Where’s it made? What color do I pick? Let Lime & Leaf help guide you on your journey to a better bedtime experience.

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Cotton is king in the sheets category. The label generally says “Egyptian,” “100% cotton” or “Supima.” So what’s the difference?

Supima is prima.
Let’s start with Supima cotton. Supima is the marketing brand name for Pima cotton. It is sustainably grown in the U.S. and is often referred to as the "cashmere of cottons." Because it is made from extra-long staple cotton, Supima fibers resist pulling, breaking and tearing making them resilient, and long lasting. The feel is soft and luxurious, and it only gets better after each washing. 

The Supima Association of America verifies origin, guaranteeing that what you are sold is what you get. If you buy from a licensed Supima dealer like Lime & Leaf, you know the quality of the product you are buying, and that the cotton is grown in America.

 Lime & Leaf is committed to manufacturing in America.  Even the embroidery on our lovely Wave Embroidered Sheet Sets is done by skilled artisans in Hudson County, NJ.

What about Egyptian cotton?
Real Egyptian cotton is very fine and long lasting. Real Egyptian cotton sheets are often found in luxury specialty stores and are quite expensive—a set could easily run you $500-$800. If something is labeled Egyptian cotton and the price seems too good to be true, it most likely is! 

Speaking of labels, buyer beware: The Cotton Egypt Association estimates that as many as 90% of products labeled Egyptian Cotton in 2016 were fakes. This is due to over- and misuse of the word “Egyptian” as well as problems with fiber transparency—where "100% Egyptian cotton" was found to be a blend of cottons rather than the premium cotton. With big box corporations like Target and Walmart pulling mislabeled product from the shelves (2016) and refunding customers, it brought the issue national attention. And while the problem is getting better, it is believed that there is still an issue with 60% – 70% of goods labeled 100% Egyptian cotton. Despite all of this, if you are looking for the highest-end sheets, and don't mind paying the price,  Egyptian may be the way to go. Just do your research on the brand/company from which you purchase.

100% cotton is readily available.
If a label reads 100% cotton or even “organic cotton,” it is most likely Upland cotton, and it is the most commonly found cotton in sheeting.  It is a less expensive, less durable material.  Because the fibers are shorter, more of them need to be woven together to give the yarn strength. Interestingly, this promotes  higher “thread counts" which sound impressive but it’s often a way of implying that a less strong cotton is actually better than it is. In fact, when shorter strands are woven together to create sheeting, the fibers “pill” more easily with wear and washing, and give a stubble feel to the fabric.

With regard to thread counts, there are many myths. The biggest one is that the higher the thread count, the better the quality of sheet. Very often, inflated thread counts trick a consumer into buying more expensive sheets but they’re actually of lower quality. Concern yourself more with what kind of cotton the sheets are made of as mentioned above. If you’d like more information about thread counts, find it here.

Content labeling is not the only labeling that is important… Lime & Leaf sheets have the most innovative and practical labeling system of any sheets anywhere. No more messy linen closets, no more pulling out the wrong sized sheets, and no more putting sheets on the wrong end of the bed! Our Make It Easy system is smart, easy and will simplify your life. Who doesn’t want that?!

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"Make it Easy" -- our innovative labeling and folding system -- makes changing the sheets on any bed exponentially simpler!


As for color, well, the whole natural world opens up to you. Since we always like to bring a touch of the beach into our homes, no matter the season… in one room, we’re going to go with Lime & Leaf’s gorgeous sun-kissed sand for a little warmth, and in the other, the quiet romance of a summer storm in our newest color, grey mist.

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Oh, that so makes me want to flop into bed. Sweet dreams!