Celebrating America

Jun 29, 2018
Celebrating America

Nothing says summer louder than July 4th fireworks, and it seems that everyone is always excited to celebrate the birth of our nation. At Lime & Leaf, we’re committed to celebrating America, which we do with products made only by U.S. manufacturers. We also love to celebrate our customers who live all across the country. Last week we asked you to share your favorite ways to enjoy the holiday… and to our delight, many of you responded! We loved hearing from each and every one of you… thought we’d share some of the highlights for inspiration:

Watching fireworks and BBQing are the clear winners in how everyone celebrates with many also choosing to head to the beach, a lake, or a deck party. No matter where you are, you definitely enjoy your friends and family… and you’ll be sure to see Old Glory waving as our fans fly flags and salute the men and women of our military.

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Fave food for the 4th? Hot dogs and hamburgers… no contest… with many of you mentioning flag cakes as a delish dessert. Red, white and blue Jello jigglers were a fun response (spiked or not!) and quite a few of our New England-based friends mentioned lobster feasts!

Here’s an interesting tidbit: Most of you prefer HOSTING the party rather than heading out elsewhere. How lovely that you choose to welcome people into your homes. Need a quick room refresher before the crowd comes? Lime and Leaf’s sea salt candle makes for a light, summery scent throughout the house! And beachy, patriotic pillows always add a touch of fun and color. For those that do head out and need a hostess gift, hit us up for some handcrafted, Made in America options like our small oyster bowl or choose between our RWB geode set coasters!

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Some of us have wonderfully talented musicians for friends as guitar and piano sing-a-longs were also joyfully recollected. America the Beautiful is the favorite themed song w/ Springsteen’s Born in the USA a nearby second. You’re a Grand Old Flag is a fun mention… “especially in the back of Mom’s old station wagon!”  Ahhh, the good old days!

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And a few of you chose to share sweet and specific memories of July 4th past:

My friend was playing at Chicago Food festival. His band came over on the fourth and played all day and night. We had bbq ribs, sweet corn, and blooming onions that my husband made. Beer was icy and the kids had a trampoline and pony rides!

My all-time favorite is when I was 8 years old and my whole family (6 siblings plus my parents) celebrated by watching the fireworks over the lake while renting a cabin for the summer. My father and two of my older siblings have since passed, and I would give anything to have that summer back.

Having my son home from Marine boot camp in 2010!

Parties at my parents’ house with our family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. Pool, BBQ, volleyball, soccer, football, wiffle ball, you name it, we played it. Singing patriotic songs around the piano (maybe people were a little tipsy). So many different types of people and age spans. Then continuing the tradition with our friends as we went to college and into adulthood. There were a few parties that hit about 100 people! Wonderful memories celebrating July 4th!

My grandparents would bring a day's worth of food to Bradley Beach (NJ). As the sun set, my grandfather, Poppy, would dig a big hole in the sand to build a fire. A huge pot for corn on the cob. A grate for chicken, hot dogs & hamburgers. Blankets were pulled closer to the fire if the temps dropped. We ate, sang songs, took a quick shower, chambered our clothes and went to Seaside for rides and ice cream.

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Watching the golf cart parade in Peachtree City, GA early in the day, then fireworks over the lake that night.

I have a photo of our daughter on my husband's shoulders when we lived in Hawaii and were watching a parade. Love when a memory is forever captured like that.

Being with my Dad at his beach house. Perfect view of the local fireworks display. We did this every year for 35 years. Dad, a WWII veteran, passed away in August, 2017. I will always cherish our Independence Day memories.

Seeing the excitement in my children’s eyes as they held sparklers and watched the local parade.

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There was always a fair at the local church with rides and games.  It would stay for about a week and the whole family would go for an evening or two.  You always saw the neighbors.  We had cotton candy and would go on the rides.  The fireworks would be shot off from the fair and when we were very young and the trees were new we could sit on a picnic blanket and watch them from our back yard.

As we got older we would go to our local river and watch the fireworks.  A few families would put together a pot luck dinner (we were the shake & bake chicken, macaroni salad era). Same food / same fun every year.  The evening always ended with professional fireworks and all of the boats out on the river blowing their horns.  Family, food, friends and fun!

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Happy 242nd birthday, America!