The Marvel of Sea Glass

Oct 01, 2018
The Marvel of Sea Glass

Walking the beach in the early fall brings a sweet sense of warmth and nostalgia… like we’re not quite ready to let our summer days go. This is the perfect time to go searching for nature’s trinkets and treasures along the shoreline… shells, stones and more specifically, sea glass.

Sea glass is both a natural and manmade product. It is the strength of industrialization combined with the power of Mother Nature. Broken glass tumbled through turbulent tides for years ‘til a frosted, polished piece of patinated perfection is deposited along the seascape for someone to delight in. The water, salt and rocks change the composition of the glass while the original color makes for both common and rare finds (think the green of a vintage Coke bottle or the brown of beer, the cobalt blue of an old Noxzema jar, the pinks and purples of perfumes). It’s exciting to search for and find various colors… and we keep a glass on our desk filled with a rainbow of reminders of our jaunts.

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Our stunning sea glass sheet sets, duvets and blankets are another beautiful way to bring the memories of the beach into our homes. From the cool, Supima cotton to the eye-catching color, Lime and Leaf’s sea glass-inspired products also blend the natural and the manmade (in America) for a subtle, beachy feel to your home sanctuary all year long.

Another way to incorporate sea glass into upcoming seasons (and a fun craft with the kids) is to buy clear tree ornaments that open, and fill them with shells and a kaleidoscope of glass pieces. The jewel tones are a beautiful addition to the sparkle of the Christmas lights and tinsel, and we love knowing that there’s a little bit of beach in our holiday! Our friend’s fabulous, handcrafted beach stars and another’s sweet book make excellent gifts for children, who seem to be especially enchanted with these finds.

If you’re wondering where you can find your own salty gems, just hit a coastal beach and look around. Sea glass is found all over the world. But according to the experts, here are some of the top U.S. hot spots to put on your beach combing bucket list:

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Glass Beach near Fort Bragg, CA

Port Townsend, WA

Hanapepe, Kauai, HI

Santa Barbara, CA

Multiple beaches in ME and MA

The Hamptons and Montauk, NY

Outer Banks, NC

And for those of you who live near a river or other fresh water, you might find a lovely piece of beach glass (it’s only sea glass if it comes from salt water!)

In addition to the joy of finding sea glass on the beach, its nickname, mermaid tears, is steeped in charming folklore.  It is said that King Neptune punished a mermaid who went against his wishes. She fell in love with a human and changed the course of a storm so he wouldn’t die. Neptune banished her to the depths of the sea. The sea glass is her hardened tears flowing on to the beaches. Whether you call it mermaid tears or simply sea glass, these smooth, sparkling “jewels” are a treasure trove of delight! Happy hunting!

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