Asbury Park, More than Magical, Never Left Us....

Jun 23, 2017
Asbury Park, More than Magical, Never Left Us....

Childhood memories are always the most magical ones aren’t they?  No matter where you grow up, every day is filled with discovery and promise. For us, growing up in New Jersey, the lure of the Jersey Shore and Asbury Park was always paramount in the realm of excitement and fun.  The cornucopia of sights, sounds, and smells is almost too much for a young person to absorb, and each time we went, there always seemed to be something new.  

Preparation for a trip to Asbury Park always involved us raiding a big jar where we kept our change at home, and rolling the pennies, nickels, and dimes up to bring along and pay for anything and everything there.  Cotton candy, hot dogs, you name it!:) We would typically go on Friday evenings, and couldn’t wait to jump on the rides on the Boardwalk (the teacups were my favorite!).  I also loved the Swan Boats on Wesley lake, being on the water, and spending the time with my family paddling away and looking at everything around us.   

The years drifted past us and Asbury Park took a back seat to other endeavors, until one summer evening we found ourselves at the Stone Pony, watching this amazing guitarist and his “E Street Band”.  Coming of age was partly in Asbury Park too, where we traded cotton candy for the thrill of live music and the emerging music scene that launched Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, and others. More memories. More magic.:)

Like all of us with the ups and downs and twists and turns in life, Asbury Park went through its tough times too.  I can’t remember exactly when we stopped going, but we did.  Time passed again, but by the very late 1990s, an awakening started and Asbury Park began to slowly, steadily, rise from the ashes of its former self. 

Its funny how sometimes you can look over your shoulder and see how all the dots connect in your life.  I go to Asbury Park now more than ever with my own family.  There are lots of nice restaurants and many fine hotels, the mini putt course is still there (my kids LOVE playing it), and while the rides are gone, there is still plenty to doJ .  The beach is still fun (especially for people watching), there is an arcade, and the shopping is terrific. My boys love going to Hoagitos for breakfast & lunch and we go to Pop’s Garage for their Cuban corn (a must have!).  The swan boats came back, to my personal delight - and we go on them from time to time, you can also rent those big bikes that sit 4-6 people and pedal up and down the boardwalk.  The Stone Pony is still open, and now does a summer concert series.  The boardwalk, the centerpiece of Asbury Park, has been rebuilt and is as intriguing and beautiful as ever. 

If you are anywhere near this part of the Garden State, I encourage you to take a side trip and explore Asbury Park with your family, you just might make memories that last a lifetime…


Oh, Sandy, the aurora is rising behind us

This pier lights our carnival life on the water

Runnin', laughin' 'neath the boardwalk,...


4TH OF JULY, ASBURY PARK (SANDY) written by Bruce Springsteen, released on his 1973 album The Wild, The Innocent, & The E Street Shuffle. 




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