A Mother's Day Letter

May 04, 2017
A Mother's Day Letter


Where do we begin?  How do we put into words the devotion, tolerance, patience, and love you have given us?  Here we are, grown women, married with children of our own, children who in some cases have already grown up and are getting married, or are about to – yet – we still find ourselves looking in the mirror and asking, “how did you do it?”, or, “what do I do now Mom?”.  Regardless of how much I grow and mature, somehow you are always one step wiser in my mind and heart. 

You have always been our rock, and our safe harbor.  You were our teacher, our guide, our shaper.  You taught us to believe in ourselves, and you taught by example.  You touched so many lives by encouraging others, and we watched as those you encountered blossomed.  You taught us the importance of spending time with our families and creating family traditions.  You taught us to respect and forgive each other during difficult moments.  You taught us the value and beauty of the pursuit of knowledge, every day and in everything we do.

Mom, you were our endless pillar of strength and tenderness, always somehow knowing which of those was needed and when.  So many times we have wondered; “are we doing a good job Mom?”, “have we honored what you taught us and carried on the way you would have wished for us?”.  I can only hope that we have become the daughters and mothers that you wanted us to be…

Today, Mother’s Day, we will celebrate and dedicate this day for you in every way we can.  We will think of the many times we shared, the hundreds of little stories that make up the chapters of our lives with you, and we will tell them to our children and friends. 

We will laugh, we will talk, and we will remember.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom, from all of us…