A Gem of The California Coast

Apr 01, 2017
A Gem of The California Coast

Malibu California.  A gem of the southern California coast, sits about 30 miles west of Los Angeles.  Signs around the city proclaim “27 miles of Scenic Beauty” and the signs couldn’t be more accurate.  Surrounded by some of the worlds most beautiful beaches, presenting some of the worlds most breathtaking scenic ocean views, and blessed with a Mediterranean climate that is the envy of many, it's no wonder Malibu was destined to take her rightful place as one of the most desirable beach communities in the world. 

In our never-ending quest for finding and choosing America’s natural beauty, we chose Malibu, California this month to showcase some of the newest Lime & Leaf product, never missing an opportunity to do what we always do, explore the natural beauty of the area for inspiration of our next collection of products!   We shot on location for two days and for the most part, the beautiful Malibu weather was with us, drenching us in afternoon sunshine and providing the legendary nature and views we had come to expect. 

Malibu was also about to provide us with a couple surprises, as is often the case on our travels, we have learned to “expect the unexpected”.  The unexpected came in the form of a huge bird, apparently focused on building a supreme nest for her soon to be born little ones.  Bob, our photographer, had just finished neatly laying out our necklace collection to do a beautiful outdoor series of shots. As soon as he turned his back to grab his camera, the bird swooped down and began trying to scoop up all the necklaces!  We frantically tried to chase mommy bird away but she would have none of it, repeatedly attempting to liberate our necklaces! (We think she had her favorites).  In the end, we figured out a makeshift way to cover them all, and only then did she give up.  Who’s to say Malibu wildlife doesn’t have style?

Traveling to other places is always a chance to make new friends.  Melody, the little dog that insisted on making an appearance as a Lime & Leaf model, is our newest.  We observed immediately that Melody enjoyed the comfort of Lime & Leaf’s soft Supima™ cotton, and every time we made a change to our set she hopped right up on the bed to resume her rightful position and snuggle in.  We will be talking to Melody’s agent to see if she can appear in future shoots!   

As Spring has arrived and Summer is soon approaching, we hope you love the greens, blues, reds, and other colors and designs inspired by the beauty of the world around us as much as we do.  Enjoy!




What to do, where to go, and where to stay while in Malibu:

Our good friend, Lime & Leaf customer, and Malibu resident Maria gave us a first hand account of some of the best Malibu has to offer – here are her picks:


Best Place for Lunch:

Tradi Noi – “Very Malibu” Italian food in the Malibu Country Mart.  Sit outside under umbrellas by the playground, note the “paparazzi free zone” but you can still star spot if the mood strikes!


Best Place for Dinner:

Low key and our local favorite is Ollie’s Duck and Dive located near Point Dume Beach.  Craft beers and local wines abound.  Favorites are grilled artichoke and the delicious “dive-in” rice bowls.  Just so you know: “Duck Dive” is the surfer term for “pushing your surfboard under an oncoming wave with your knee or foot in an attempt to avoid being “throttled”.  Sounds like it’s easier to sit at Ollie’s Duck and Dive and watch the surfers!


Where to go (Don’t Miss!)

After you’ve had a nice rest from Ollie’s, get up the next morning and work it off with a hike to the waterfalls in Sycamore Canyon.  Situated in Point Mugu State Park, in the Santa Monica Mountains, the falls have a drop of about 50-75 feet and are just right for a tranquil respite.  Backup plan for flower lovers : Charmlee Wilderness Park – where the flowers ARE amazing!


Where to Stay:

Check out the Native Motel.  Mid-Century architecture and design in the Malibu Hills off the PCH – laid back and family run, only 1.2 miles from Paradise Cove and 2.2 miles from Zuma Beach.


Maria’s favorite Lime & Leaf picks:

“I love the whole collection, especially the duvet covers because they are so soft, have that great zipper closure, and are made in the USA”


Thank you Maria for all the Malibu tips and loving Lime & Leaf!